About Us

I’m a student. I want to be an actor.  It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time and I work at it.  Auditions, small parts, drama school applications – the list seems endless.  Small wins, larger frustrations and rejections, but one day…

In between acting jobs, I focus on design and like to balance what we see with what we don’t. It reflects how life’s an adventure and we have to connect the dots in order to make sense of it all. Expressing this idea is where St. Cyr was born.

We make a statement with the clothes we wear, why we wear them, how we wear them.  Be it that beanie still worn in summer, or that shirt that has holes in it, but is still a favourite.  It’s a statement that expresses something inside.  The clothes I produce are vehicles for the designs they carry and those design statements – it’s learning from past experience and reaching out to write an adventurous future that will make a difference either personally, e.g. through travel, or on a larger scale through actions taken on a bigger stage.

My vision is to create designs for people who have a statement to make or can share in what a statement says by wearing what they associate with.  Or maybe just because they like it.  But I want St. Cyr to be different.  Can we create a community that share their adventures, maybe pictures of where in the world they are wearing our gear, or what they are adventuring through? And maybe work with me to create those design statements for future designs that everyone can share in and enjoy.  This is why I wanted to create St. Cyr; our history has yet to be written and each piece has its own story behind it.

So have a look, browse, comment and, hopefully, buy.  But buy because it resonates with you at some level!  Join me, contribute – but above have your dream and all keep going…

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